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Hello! I'm Ross, a front-end developer with over a decade of experience. Originally from Glasgow, I am based in Valencia and work with clients from various locations including the UK. I make fast, accessible, modern web apps and sites, working alongside some super talented designers and agencies.


The projects I work on range from bespoke web presences built for small companies and individuals, to larger jobs involving well-known companies and organisations like the ones shown below.

They include websites, web apps, e-commerce stores, JavaScript development, HTML emails, and other digital projects concerning front-end technologies and/or content management.

You can browse through a short selection of my recent work below. Have a new project you think I could help with? I'd love to hear about it! Get in touch and let me know your requirements.

  • Cadbury logo
  • TFL logo
  • BBC logo
  • Barclays logo
  • Sage logo
  • Everything Everywhere logo
  • Fujitsu logo
  • O2 logo
  • Endemol logo
  • T-Mobile logo
  1. Bentley Lewis

    Provided: HTML/CSS/JS/CMS

    Built for a London-based executive recruitment agency, this site was developed with mobile users and accessibility high on mind, and also includes visual points of interest such as SVG animations, responsive images, and CSS filter effects.

  2. Electrical Solutions Network

    Provided: HTML/CSS/JS

    With a fluid design framing the window at any size, this site features prominent use of animated SVG vector graphics. Navigation progresses through vertical slides on scroll and swipe events.

  3. Footprint Sports & Entertainment

    Provided: HTML/CSS/JS/CMS

    This talent agency website utilises fullscreen background images, delivered responsively to optimise speed and quality across devices. It also employs parallax scrolling and CSS image filters that gradually blur images as they scroll out of view.

  4. Glasshouse Salon

    Provided: HTML/CSS/JS/CMS

    An e-commerce store, fashion blog, and company web presence – powered by ExpressionEngine, allowing content to be centrally updated across three connected domains. Featuring Masonry layouts, dynamic switching of shopping currencies, and postal code address look-ups.

  5. Andralok

    Provided: CSS/JS/CMS

    An e-commerce store powered by Magento, featuring a bespoke design built on top of Magento's highly responsive base theme. Includes AJAX-based product filters and checkout steps, and Amazon-style product image zooming.

  6. Chapbook

    Provided: HTML/CSS/JS/CMS

    A portfolio site showcasing images and videos within a fluid, responsive frame. Features JavaScript-based animated navigation through vertical and horizontal tiles that snap into position as the user swipes or scrolls.


I am currently accepting new projects. Whatever your requirements, get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss the details with you.

You can reach me by email at, or use the form below to get in touch. I aim to respond to enquiries regarding new work within 24 hours.